How to: Change a Motorcycle Tire and Adjust the Timing

Reviving a long-dormant Honda CB175, Part 3.

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by Keith Fellenstein

Before you get back on that old bike, learn how to set timing on a motorcycle and how to change a motorcycle tire step by step with pictures.

Well we’re down to the wire on the final installment of our Honda CB175 revival So far we’ve cleaned the fuel system and put the carburetor back on after cleaning. This issue we will take a look at checking and cleaning the ignition points, followed by checking the engine timing and adjusting it if necessary. After that we’ll show you how we removed both wheels in anticipation of having the tires and tubes replaced. Once that’s done, we’ll install a new battery, double check our tire pressures, and reinstall the tank. After hooking up the carburetors and filling the tank with fuel, we should be ready for a road test. Let’s get started.

How to Set Timing on a Motorcycle

We start out by removing the alternator cover on the left side. We’re using our impact driver because the bits fit the cover screws better than the screwdrivers we had on hand. Have a tray underneath to catch any oil that flows out of the crankcase.

  • Updated on Feb 10, 2023
  • Originally Published on Jan 29, 2023
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