Q and A: Rotors, Honda Motorcycle Colors, And Oil Filter Kits

Check out these readers' questions about rotors, Honda motorcycle colors, oil filter kits, and much more!

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by Keith Fellenstein
Ready to take your classic queries: Tech Editor Keith Fellenstein.

Checking rotors

Q: I have a Benelli 750 Sei exactly like the one I had in the 1970s. I am rebuilding it. I bought a second one for spare parts. The front rotors that came with the second bike were new, drilled and look great. Do cast iron rotors that are drilled become fatigued or brittle over time? They were stored between parts books very carefully for many years.

Walter Kettler/via email

A: The cast iron shouldn’t suffer from storage, but I’d probably have them inspected if they weren’t drilled from the factory. A good machine shop should be able to Magnaflux them for micro cracks and possibly chamfer the holes if needed.

Got the blues?

  • Updated on Aug 9, 2021
  • Originally Published on Jul 28, 2021
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