Oil-In Frame BSA Design Issues

A reader questions whether his friend’s oil-in-frame BSA will have any issues.

Reader Contribution by Jerry Gere
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by Keith Fellenstein

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Oil-in-frame BSA

Q: A friend has an oil-in-frame 1970 BSA. Are there issues related to this design? It hasn’t run in 20 years.

Jerry Gere/via email

A: The only mechanical issues I’ve run into with oil-in-frame (OIF) Triumphs or BSAs were caused by careless sandblasting, leaving sand in the frame oil tank. Having sat that long, the oil left, if any, will be sludgy at the bottom. Best practice would be to first drain the oil, then remove the four bolts holding the bottom cover on the downtube. Thoroughly clean the filter screen, looking for any telltale metal parts, then reassemble with new gaskets.

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