Protar Model Motorcycle Kits

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by Dain Gingerelli
Left to right: Yamaha RD56, Honda 250/6, Honda 350/6, Benelli 250/Four, Gilera 500/4.

Learn the details about the Protar model motorcycle kits and how these little model racers made a big impact on future classics enthusiasts.

The opening scene to the 1967 movie classic The Graduate said it all. To set the stage, the main character, Benjamin Braddock (played by Dustin Hoffman), is approached at his college graduation party by a long-time friend of the family, Mr. McGuire (Robert Brooke), who gave advice to the new grad. McGuire’s pitch? In a word, “Plastics.” The future, he chided, rested in all things plastic. From cash (i.e., credit cards) to kitchen utensils to lawn chairs to scale model racing motorcycles to — wait, what?

Scale model racing motorcycles? Who really cares about them? Especially plastic scale model motorcycles.

Well, back in 1967, many Cycle World magazine readers cared about them. The June 1967 issue even featured an article about model kit maker Protar’s lineup featuring 1/9th-scale replicas of Grand Prix road racers — Mondial and Moto Morini 250 singles, Benelli 250 Four, Gilera 500 Four and the thundering Moto Guzzi 500 V-8 — that were sold by CW. The lineup expanded in subsequent issues to include other famous GP racers.

  • Updated on Feb 6, 2024
  • Originally Published on Jan 31, 2024
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