Destinations by Joe Berk

Reader Contribution by Review Kyle Hayden
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Paul Cézanne said, “Were it not that I am passionately fond of the contours of my country, I should not be here.” Cézanne painted landscapes, but Joe Berk lives in them. A compendium of Berk’s travel writing for Motorcycle ClassicsDestinations since 2006 is now available in print. The book is as much a resource for the sense of adventure widely shared by motorcyclists as it is a testament to his passion for the contours of North America, visiting every corner of the U.S., and some spots in Mexico. From Berk’s first commissioned piece on the Rock Store in Cornell, California, Joe swiftly became a regular Destinations contributor. The book is an authentic blend of motorcycling pilgrimage sites (e.g., the National Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa, Iowa) and well-known monuments, parks and other museums around the country. Berk’s taste for adventure is evident, as popular destinations are contrasted with obscure, but pleasant rides and “best kept secrets.” This travelogue is made unique by Berk’s focus on motorcycling as the means and the end of travelling. Riders will appreciate advice about what to avoid, where to ride and what to stop and enjoy. $12.95 from our store. Online at— Kyle Hayden

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