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by Dain Gingerelli

The Jersey Devil

There were so many beautiful machines in your September/October issue that it would be hard to guess which garnered the most reader response. Nevertheless, I’m sure you heard from a lot of Honda Scrambler guys.

If your Jersey Devil was a ’66, it must have been from late in that model year. Pictures seem to show the later, much larger, and much needed Super Hawk front brake. Also, on earlier models the ugly can muffler was easily unbolted. Jerry Dowgin’s was clearly sawed off leaving pipes that appear to be, but in fact are not, equal length. At least it seems to be jetted right; they’re not discolored near the heads.

As for me? Approaching eight decades I tell myself that another CL77 is the last thing I need. But I still check Craigslist on occasion and I still have a pair of Snuff-R-Nots in the original packages.

  • Updated on Oct 30, 2023
  • Originally Published on Oct 27, 2023
Tagged with: classic honda motorcycles, reader letters, Readers and Riders
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